Plastic Alternatives With Affordable Prices.
Plastic Alternatives With Affordable Prices.
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Zero-Waste Safety Razor
Zero-Waste Safety Razor

Zero-Waste Safety Razor

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2 Billion plastic razors ended up in the landfill last year in the United States alone. 
You can save the planet and your wallet with this simple bathroom switch.

Our reusable safety razor comes with 10 blades.
👉That's a full-year supply to keep men's and women's bodies feeling smooth and soft to the touch. And you get it all for $21 with no additional costs.

We believe that women's razors shouldn't be more expensive than men's. So we give you a razor that provides a superior shave for anyone's body. No matter the gender.

We like to think of our razor as a big middle finger to the plastic razor companies.

Pair your razor with our all-natural sea salt shaving soap.
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Single blade safety razors may seem scary at first, but they are actually easier to use than your ordinary disposable razors. Just apply shaving cream, and shave as you normally would. You'll get a satisfyingly smooth shave every time!

It works for any part of the body for both men and women!

Make the switch today and start saving money and the planet.

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