Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup*
Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup*
Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup*
Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup*

Zero-Waste Menstrual Cup*

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Women everywhere are making the change to menstrual cups because they provide easier, cleaner and safer periods.

They greatly reduce tampon and pad packaging from reaching our landfills and oceans. 

Not only that, so many women are making the switch to the menstrual cup that it's totally disrupting the billion-dollar tampon industry. 

Tampons aren't good for you. They absorb your vaginas moist protective layer which can lead you open for sickness, diseases and infections like UTIs. 

Our Menstrual cups are made from non-toxic silicone, ensuring your vagina has safe and natural periods.

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • A healthier alternative to pads and tampons
  • Save money month after month - use your cup for years!
  • Wear your cup up to 12 hours and while sleeping!
  • Comfortable, You can't even feel it!

That tampon companies have a monopoly on women's natural cycles, something that should be provided for free.

Most silicone cups start at around $30-50. But here at Earthsider, we provide women with a REUSABLE healthcare item. Unlike tampon companies.

Yes, there are cheaper cups available, but these are often made in unregistered facilities with no FDA affiliation. Enter Earthsider. 

We here at Earthsider have entered into a one-time deal with an FDA-registered supplier so we can provide women with an affordable, but 100% safe cup.

Join the zero waste movement and fall in love with our cup forever!

Includes: 1 Cup + Instructions + Storage pouch


  • Small – for women with light to moderate flow, or who are under 30, or have not given birth vaginally. Height (incl stem) 70 mm x Width 42 mm.
  • Large – for women who have a normal or heavier flow, or who are over 30, or have given birth vaginally. Height (incl stem) 72 mm x Width 45 mm.

How to use:

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