Zero-Waste Laundry Ball
Zero-Waste Laundry Ball
Zero-Waste Laundry Ball
Zero-Waste Laundry Ball

Zero-Waste Laundry Ball

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Nothing is closer to our bodies than our clothes and studies show that traditional detergents leave behind a film on our clothing. Not to mention the amount of plastic wasted on traditional laundry packaging.  

How Does It Work:

The Zero-Waste Laundry Ball is filled with 4 types of mineral ceramic beads each with different functions. When these ceramic beads come in contact with water, they form oxygenated water and increase pH levels giving the water improved cleaning properties. 

One of the key features of the Zero-Waste Laundry Ball is its ability to restructure water clusters. Tap water has very large clusters. The Zero-Waste Laundry Ball is designed to breakdown large water clusters from their original size into much smaller clusters. 

A smaller cluster size gives water much better cleaning propertieshigh solubility and good permeability. Smaller water clusters lead to better absorption of water through fabrics. This strengthens the water’s ability to clean and rinse fabrics without the use of chemicals.

One Zero-Waste Laundry Ball is reusable for up to 365 loads and replaces approximately 25-30 laundry products per year.

Benefits of switching to Zero-Waste Laundry Ball:

• Effectively Washes 365 Loads Saving You $100's Every Year

• Reduces Packaging Production & Plastic Waste

• Biodegradable Components

• Ideal For Sensitive Skin

• Preserves Colors, Elasticity 

• Easy To Use, Store And Travel With

• Compatible With HE & Top-Loaders

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