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Plastic Alternatives With Affordable Prices.
Plastic Alternatives With Affordable Prices.
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Zero-Waste Bamboo Mint Floss
Zero-Waste Bamboo Mint Floss
Zero-Waste Bamboo Mint Floss

Zero-Waste Bamboo Mint Floss

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So you're asking us, 'Why spend $15 on floss when I can get the plastic kind for a $1?'

•  More bang for your buck

Our Bamboo Biodegradable Floss is longer lasting than the average plastic brand due to its tough bamboo fibers and the length is up to 32 yards! That's about 4 months of floss if you use it every day.

• Ethically Sourced

We use ethically sourced production and materials that take much longer to process than plastic does. This increases the cost of the product a bit for our wonderful laborers! 

• Biodegradable & 100% Zero-Waste

Not to mention the plastic floss you use and throw away never breaks down in the environment and can entangle fish, turtles, bird, and other creatures.

It's estimated that hundreds of thousands of bird and fish will either choke or get tangled in old, dirty floss to the point of death. 

This is another step in the direction of a total zero-waste bathroom. 

Warning: We advise against using bamboo floss with mouthpieces like braces or retainers. The string may break in between and may need to be removed by professionals.

Product information:
• Organic Bamboo fiber
• Glass Case With Tin Lid
• 100% Biodegradable
• Kraft paper boxing
• 31 Yards (30 Metres)
• Available in White or Charcoal

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